Free Standing Jump

The free standing jump does not have a fixed bar, so this is the perfect jump for the toy size dogs. Comes with two jump rails for easy height adjustments. Made from 3/4" pvc, jump bar is 36" wide.

Free standing jump $40


Full Size "H" Base Jump

This jump is made from 1" pvc, the jump bar is 48" wide and the sides are 36" high. The bottom bar on this jump sits on the ground so no fixed bar to interfere with the dog. The jump bar is on adjustable jump cups, so you can set it at any height.

Full Size H Base Jump $57

Jump Wings!

These jump wings can be added to most of the jumps. You can make a pretty amazing competition style jump by adding these wings to the above jump!

Jump Wings $85

Tiny Tot Jumps.

This is a set of 4 jumps for the tiny dogs, and small yards. The jump bar is 18" wide and the sides are 24" high and made from 3/4" PVC. The jump bar is on adjustable jump cups so you can change the jump height.

4 tiny tot jumps $95

Tiny Tot Double Jump.

This is for the small dogs. Sides 20 and 24" high, jump bars 18" wide. Comes with adjustable jump cups.

Tiny Tot Double Jump $30

Economy Jump

This is a very inexpensive simple jump. For outdoor

use ony as the sides stick into the ground. Comes with one jump bar and adjustable jump cups. Made from 3/4" pvc bar is 36" wide and sides are 30" high.

Economy Jump $30

Small Dog Tire Jump

This tire jump is not made to CKC standards. This is

made special for small dogs, if you have a tiny dog and

you want a tire jump just for practise this is a great jump. The frame is made from 1" pvc, and is approx 38" high and 31" wide. The tire has an inside diameter of approx. 14".

Small Tire Jump $115

broad jump

The Broad jump is made from 3/4" pvc and the jumps are 36" wide. They are 3 individual jumps so can be set at any width you choose.

Broad Jump $45

Pause Box

Box is

36" X 36" from 1" pvc

box  $30 

Tire jump

20" diameter breakaway tire jump

Tire Jump $250

Tire Jump Flat Base.

This jump is similar to the one above, however it is much better for the very low jump as the base sits flush on the ground. Will not get in the way of the dog. Great for the house with multi dogs that jump different heights.

Tire Jump Flat Base SOLD OUT

Fittings to make your own jump. Will make one full size jump, you just provide the 1" pvc pipe. You get 4 tee's 6 caps and 3 pairs of jump cups.


Jump Cups

If you need additional jump cups you can buy them as well.

3/4" cups will fit 3/4" PVC pipe. 1" cups will fit 1" PVC pipe.

5 pairs jump cups 1" jumps $18

5 pairs jump cups 3/4" jumps $16


These weave poles only have a brace on the opposite side

that the dogs is on. So nothing to interfere with the dogs movement. Very good sturdy poles for indoor use, the base is made from sch 40 pipe for extra strength and durability. They can also be used for the 2 by 2 training style!

Set of 6 poles $85

Set of 12 $150