Welcome to Murphy's Agility.

I make all the pvc Agility equipment myself, so if there

is anything you want that is different

than the agility equipment listed just

let me know and I can probably make

it for you. All agility equipment can

be striped in your color choices,

I have red, blue, green, yellow, black, purple, and orange available. All agility equipment can come apart for easy storage and easy shipping. This keeps the shipping prices very reasonable.

I am always adding in new toys and treats, so keep checking for the latest items.

All items sold in B.C. will have PST and GST added, other provinces GST or HST will be charged. Can ship anywhere in Canada.

Contact me if you need a shipping

quote. [email protected]

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SALE on all PVC fittings.

1" 4 ways $3.50, 1" 3 ways $3.

3/4" 4 ways $3. 3/4" 3 ways $2.50

1 1/4" 4 ways $4.50

Also have PVC tees, caps and elbows available.

Huge Moose and Elk antlers.

Can do custom sizes as well. These are a long lasting no odour dog treat. Contact me for current supply and prices.

Weave Poles

The weave poles are made from 3/4" pvc and are 36" high, and are for outdoor use.

Set of 6  $45

Set of 12  $88 

4 Bar Jump

The 4 bar agility jump is a great training jump you can

start with one bar and add as needed.

The bottom bar is fixed and the others

are adjustable. 1"pvc and 48" wide. Great for big


4 Bar Jump $65

Small Portable Jump

This is a great practise agility jump it is lightweight and very easy to take with you to the park or agility trial. This is made from 3/4" pvc, the jump bars are 36" wide and

the sides are approx. 30" high.

Small Jump  $32

Set of 3 Jumps for  $90

Full Size Jump

This agility jump is made from 1" pvc, jump rails are 48" wide and sides are approx. 38" high. The bottom bar is fixed and the other bar can be set at any height with the adjustable jump cups.

Full size jump  $55 

Small H-base Jump

This agility jump is made from 3/4" pvc, jump rail is 36" wide and sides are approx. 28" high. This jump is perfect for the Toy breeds as the bottom bar is on the ground, so nothing to interfere with the dogs jump. Jump rail is adjustable.

Jump for toys  $33

Set of 3  $94 

PVC Fittings

Fittings to make your own ​equipment.  1" 3 way $, 1" 4 way $, 1" 5 way $.  3/4" 3 way $, 3/4" 4 way $.​